Finding Girls For Sex In Salta, Argentina

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This is not a great place for mongering and finding girls for sex in Salta will not be easy no matter what way you go about it. Argentina girls are known to be some of the toughest to bed in Latin America, and there is a limited prostitution scene here as well.

If you want to find sex in Salta you are either going to have to put in the effort to game some local hottie, pay a prostitute that isn’t likely to be attractive, find an expensive online escort, or get really lucky. Luck can happen to anyone, but it should not be relied upon.

While you might have a little easier chance here than with Buenos Aires girls you still shouldn’t expect too much. If you are a foreign man that can take you a bit farther here than in the big city, but not all the way.

Most of the game revolves around social circles. You need to have some ‘connections’ to get into the right social circles and then work from the inside.

If you are a tourist that is reading this then good luck. With limited time working your way into a social circle will not be easy.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try, but you should keep your expectations in check. We will start off this Salta sex guide with the minimal options for mongering, girls that aren’t pros will come after that. Plus we will mention the best online dating site in Argentina as well.

Paying For Sex In Salta

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This is one of the worst cities for prostitution in Latin America. It isn’t thriving anywhere in Argentina, but this is about as grim of a scene as you are going to find.

We will list a couple spots you can try and then give some more general tips. On Ave San Juan at night you might be able to find some street prostitutes, but don’t expect them to be very hot.

Another place you can look is at Casino Salta or other casinos. Hookers all around the world will hang out in or near casinos hoping when guys finish with one vice they look for another.

Those are about the only real landmarks to go to when looking for sex in Salta. Outside of that you can try to hop in a taxi and see if he has any better advice.

Ask him for chicas, girls, striptease, chongos, brothels, or an erotic sex massage and hope he has some suggestions. You also might be able to meet Salta escorts online on dating sites or apps.

They will use common mongering keywords in their profiles like massage, escort, or hotel service.

Meeting Girls In Salta’s Nightlife

The main pick up bar district and nightlife area is located on Balcarce. You should try to get a room off AirBnb as close to here as you can get, girls are always a lot more comfortable going back to a guys apartment instead of a hotel.

However hooking up on the first night is not that common in this country, and the nightlife is extremely cliquey. We mentioned the social circles before, working your way into one will give you the best chances.

Of course being the new guy in town and working your way into some strongly bonded clique won’t be easy. Spending money and buying drinks always seems to help that though.

If you don’t feel like investing a bunch of time trying to work your way into a social circle to maybe get laid take a mass volume approach. Go up to every hot girl you see, give it a shot, and move on to the next if she isn’t receptive.

Some of the best bars and clubs to meet Salta girls are:

If you are the type that prefers day game then head to malls like Alto Noa. Overall picking up girls here will be pretty hard whether in the nightlife or during the day. If you wanted to spice things up in the bedroom you could visit some Salta sex shops for adult toys like Erotic Sex Shop at San Luis 766 or Conditioned Sex Shop at Cordoba 350.

Meeting Salta Girls Online

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Any time you are in rough waters you need any assistance you can get. We aren’t going to tell you that all the girls on dating sites here are super easy, that isn’t the case.

The real reason that online dating is good is because of the sheer volume you can contact in a short amount of time. Girls in Argentina are generally not slutty, but there are some sluts in every city of the world.

The more that you contact the more likely you are to find what you are looking for. And when trying to meet girls online in Salta Latin American Cupid is your best shot.

It is the top dating site in the country and will have the most users. You should start to pipeline a week before you arrive in town so that you have dates ready and waiting.

Stagger a couple dates on the first day since you shouldn’t expect to score right off the bat. Get some quick and easy coffee dates out of the way and then start inviting your best prospects for nights on the town later in the week.

Using Latin American Cupid can really speed up the process, it allows you to meet girls before you arrive and have lots of contacts made in a short amount of time. Then continue to use it in whatever city you travel to next.

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Good Luck Finding Sex In Salta

As more and more guys travel around the world they end up here. It is a cool city overall, but if you want hookers or to be a playboy it isn’t a wise place to visit.

If you wanted to read about some better places to go for meeting easy girls check out this travel guide for single men. Good luck finding girls for sex in Salta.

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