Finding Girls For Sex In Bucaramanga, Colombia

Finding girls for sex in Bucaramanga can be done in a variety of ways. If you want to try to meet and date girls you can do that, or you can pay for sex in Bucaramanga easily as well.

Colombia has some great pay for play sex options all around the country. This may not be as good of a spot for that as finding sex in Medellin but you still will find what you are looking for.

When it comes to meeting Bucaramanga girls for sex that aren’t prostitutes things get a little more difficult. No, it won’t be as hard as in some first world sex prison, but there are easier places around this country for it.

Lets start with the city itself before we get into the girls and sex part though. This is a nice city to visit for a variety of reasons. There are few foreigners around so your gringo factor will be strong, plus it is a relatively safe city for South America.

It is located around some nice hills similar to what you may know about Medellin and it has really good weather. Most who visit here think it would be a nice city to live in for awhile.

However it isn’t all positive. The few foreigners around is nice, but if you don’t know Spanish you are going to be in trouble because English speaking levels are very low.

When it comes to the Bucaramanga girls there are more overweight girls than in some other cities around Colombia. This means the in shape ones are in high demand making them harder to score with.

Also, the girls here are quite conservative and the nightlife is very social circle oriented. It is not easy to go out and pick up by yourself or with a wingman because there are usually already groups in place that can be hard to crack into in one night.

So having sex with Bucaramanga girls that aren’t pros may not come as easily here as you were hoping for. This is probably a better spot to find a serious girlfriend then to try and be a playboy.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a shot though. We will start with where to find prostitutes, then talk about meeting non pro girls, and finally end with the best online dating site in Colombia to speed up the process for you.

Paying For Sex In Bucaramanga

If you want to pay for sex in Bucaramanga the erotic massage parlors around town are the way to go. They use massage as a front for brothels and there are tons of them around, just like in most cities in this country.

Some well known sex massage parlors or brothels are:

  • Sala de Massajes Love Club on Calle 19 and 24
  • Modelos Club on Calle 14-24
  • P2K Massage
  • Golosas
  • Masajes Tantricos de Piedecuesta in front of new Centro Comercial de la Cuesta

Other options are Salon Gold and a sex massage parlor next to Carpinteria de Jaime on Calle 56. You can also hop in a taxi and he will likely know of plenty brothels or massage parlors in town.

The names and locations of these can change kind of often, some of the ones listed here might be closed down by the time you are in town. If you wanted to try and meet hookers online in Bucaramanga then check out that site.

That is a great resource and will make things a whole lot easier for you. You can also use it to meet hookers online in any city in Colombia.

The price for sex is generally pretty cheap here, you get about 3,000 pesos for every $1 USD and sex in Bucaramanga will cost you between 30k-100k pesos. There may be some really hot prostitutes in the nice nightclubs in the Zona Rosa as well.

Meeting Single Girls In Bucaramanga

If you want to try to pick up single girls in Bucaramanga then you should stay in Cabecera which is the nicest are of the city and where most of the nightlife is. If you are mongering this will be a good part of town to stay as well.

Here is a good hotel you may want to stay at, but booking a room off AirBnb in Cabecera will be better. Girls are always more likely to come back to your condo then to a sleazy hotel.

As mentioned things are really social circle oriented here. If you are new in town you may find the nightlife a bit hard to grasp. The longer you are in town the easier it will become.

A lot of the nightlife is located in Cabecera and there are plenty of bars or clubs to choose from. Some that are recommended are Dubai, Roxie Barra, Dbarra, Deja Vu, Vintrash, Calison, and Dash. Head to the Zona Rosa for many options.

There might be some hookers in these nightclubs in Bucaramanga, if paying for sex is not your thing then be weary of that. There will be plenty of non pro girls to go around though.

You can try day game where you will have a better chance to find girls by themselves and away from their friends. There are lots of malls, parks, universities and cafes that will be solid options.

If you head to Carrera 33 in Cabecera there will be lots of girls on the street that you can approach. Since this is the nice area of town street approaches will be more welcomed.

You can also try meeting Bucaramanga girls at malls like Megamall Centro Commercial, Centro Cacique, Quarta Etapa, or La Quinta. Since there aren’t many gringos around you can approach girls in parks or around their universitites and they will likely be open to chatting with you.

Of course the more Spanish you know the better, and learning some salsa moves for the nightlife will help as well.

Meeting Bucaramanga Girls Online

Online dating is the most efficient way to meet Bucaramanga girls, just as it is the most efficient way to meet girls anywhere. When you head out in the nightlife it can be hard to burst into those social circles.

How many girls can you really approach in a night club? 5? 10? What about at a mall? Again 5-10 would be a great day. You can message that many girls in 5 minutes on Colombian Cupid.

Log on a week before your trip and start pipelining. That way your first days in town can be spent on dates with the girls you already know instead of wasted trying to make new contacts.

Even better you can use it to meet girls in every city in Colombia you will visit. That way you will always be hitting the ground running.

Good Luck Finding Sex In Bucaramanga

While there isn’t a huge amount of pay for play sex in Bucaramanga like some other cities here there is more than enough. Plus you should be able to get dates pretty easily, though they will take a few dates to pan out most of the time.

This is a city worth checking out if you are considering moving to Colombia. It has great weather, is safe, but has enough going on to keep you occupied.

If you wanted to read about how to get the most out of the great Colombia nightlife check out this eBook guide. Good luck finding girls for sex in Bucaramanga.

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