Finding Girls For Sex in the Nassau Nightlife


Shout out to Black Sails! Anyone who watches that kick ass show knows that finding girls for sex in Nassau was easy back in the day, so is it still easy today?

Lots of tourists go to the Bahamas every year, many of them are quite wealthy. This city is one of the main stops in the Caribbean, and prostitutes always follow the money.

While there may not be as in your face of a sex scene as there was hundreds of years ago with the brothels in Nassau, there still will be lots of hookers around.

Of course there will also be lots of tourists partying in the nightlife. We will tell you some of the hottest nightclubs in town so that you can have your best chance of finding girls for sex.

Just remember that in touristy places like this when you meet a girl in a nightclub she still may be a hooker if she doesn’t appear to be one. Lets start with the ways to find prostitution and then work our way back around to the touristy nightlife.

Meeting Hookers in Nassau


If you want to meet the sexiest hookers in Nassau you are going to need to hang out at the nicest hotels, resorts, and the casino as well. The Atlantis Resort and Casino would be a good place to start your search.

A couple of other nice hotels are the British Colonial Hilton and the Graycliff Hotel. Any hotel that is expensive and has a hotel bar/nightclub you will have a good chance of seeing some high class escorts.

But the Atlantis will be the best, prostitutes love working in casinos because if a guy has a hot night at the tables he may give it all to them. We will get to the best nightlife areas in town soon, and you will see some working girls there as well.

If you can’t afford these high class escorts there are some brothels on Dowdeswell Street as well as some cheap freelance hookers. This is where you can find the cheapest sex in Nassau, but of course don’t expect to find really hot girls here.


Meeting Hookers Online in Nassau


See a hot girl in the Atlantis Resort and Casino dressed to the nines looking bored sitting at the hotel bar? Odds are she is a hooker, and odds are she is playing on her phone waiting for a customer.

She also probably has Tinder, Badoo, and other dating apps. So will the majority of the high class escorts in Nassau. Hop on the apps and swipe right, it will be easy to figure out who the working girls are.

Meeting prostitutes online is a much more efficient way. Who knows, you may even find some non pros as well.

Best Bars in the Nassau Nightlife


If you are looking for the best bars in the Nassau nightlife you will have plenty to choose from. Senor Frogs seems to be one of the hot spots to go in any beach town, no surprise there is one here also.

Sharkeez Tiki Bar is another fun spot to hang out. Crazy Johnny’s, Ibiza, and the Daiquiri Shack are more nightclubs and bars in Nassau that you should visit.

The crowd is what makes a bar great, and the crowd will be different from night to night. Try and be flexible, if you aren’t happy with your current spot go look for something better.

There will be plenty of female tourists in the Nassau nightlife looking to get drunk and party. There will also be a mix of hookers around, sometimes it can be hard to tell who is who.

Have Fun in the Nassau Nightlife


There isn’t a huge in your face sex scene here, but you can still have lots of fun in the Nassau nightlife. The Bahamas is one of those spots that everyone dreams of visiting, maybe one day you will have the chance.

And if so good luck finding girls for sex in Nassau! If you want to read about more fun single guy beach vacations check out this eBook. To meet local girls online try out Caribbean Cupid.


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