How To Bang Tinder Girls On The First Date

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Banging Tinder girls on the first date when traveling is different than when trying the same from home. The main reason is simple: lack of time.

When most guys travel they are only in town for a few nights. Meeting girls on Tinder and banging them on the first date is possible, but it doesn’t happen as often as many PUA sites would lead you to believe.

Sure, you can find some sluts there just like you can anywhere. That doesn’t mean you can just show up to a new city and know that a dating app is all you are going to need to use to get laid.

When you only have a limited amount of time it forces you to rush things which will turn many girls off. Even on a ‘hook up’ app like this one many will want to slowly build up to it.

On top of the lack of time problems you also have to deal with cultural differences and learning different game. There are certain types of game that work well with girls in different parts of the world, when you only have a few days in town it can be hard to figure this out.

But that certainly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Dating, girls, and sex are always a numbers game. The more girls you contact the more dates you will go on and the more sex you will have.

Using all of the tools and hacks in your arsenal is the best way to make as many contacts as possible. Try to use online dating sites to pipeline before you arrive, use Tinder and other apps when on on the ground, and approach any cute girl you see.

The more effort you put in the more success you will have. Lets start with pipelining and how it relates to banging girls on Tinder.

Tinder Hacks To Meet Girls In Other Cities

You have a few options when it comes to using Tinder to meet girls in other cities. The first is to pay for Tinder plus which will allow you to change your location.

It also has other benefits, whether they are worth it is up for debate. Personally we feel if you are going to pay for something a dating site is a better investment as you find girls who are more serious about actually meeting there, but we will get to that soon.

Your 2nd option is to get a fake GPS app and after changing your location log onto Tinder again. That works fine but can mess things up if you need your geo location for other reasons.

The pros of meeting girls in other cities on Tinder with these hacks before you arrive should be pretty obvious. Since it is a numbers game you will be able to make more contacts before you go.

We will explain the downsides in our next section. We do need to update this to say that depending on which update of Tinder you currently have this may or may not work anymore.

The Different Girls You Meet On Apps

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When you use dating apps like Tinder to meet girls you find a wide variety of types, particularly when traveling. The first group we will call the ‘thirsty’ ones and any traveler should know this group.

They are the type you match with your first days in a new town. You just arrive somewhere new, swipe your first 50 swipes and are getting a ton of matches right off the bat or wake up the next day with tons of new matches.

These are the slutty girls that use Tinder all the time and are always trying to meet new guys to hook up with. If you are traveling in a poor country there is a good chance that many of them are hookers, heck even in some more upper class countries they might be.

In certain parts of the world like Southeast Asia you may have accidentally matched with a few ladyboys. No judgment, it happens, often times you just swipe right over and over and aren’t even fully aware of what you are doing.

Then there are going to be your standard slutty girls that match with and bang every new guy, or maybe they are only after tourists. In many parts of the world there are ‘gringo hunters’ who like white guys over their own kind, or the same can be true for black guys or any race.

The good news is in your first days in town you will get the most matches and match with girls who are the thirstiest to meet. The bad news is they may not be the ones you want to deal with, and wearing a condom would probably be wise.

Then there are plenty of other types of girls on Tinder as well. The worst kind are the time wasters, the ones who are bored at work, school, or when being lazy at home and want to use guys to entertain them but only with texting.

Luckily since you are only in town for a short time you won’t get roped into any long and drawn out text chains that lead to nowhere. You can also meet girls who only want a serious relationship and won’t want to meet up with a guy who is only in town for a short time.

Or you might meet girls who intend to only want a serious relationship but then get drunk and horny. You just never know, again it is all a numbers game.

The reason why you may not want to start swiping before you arrive in town is those slutty girls who insta match on your first day will be the easiest to score with. If you match with them 10 days before they may lose interest by the time you get into town or be busy on those nights.

It is probably still worth doing, but it could hurt you in some cases.

The Right Profile To Intrigue Girls

As we mentioned before girls in different parts of the world want different things. For instance when dealing with Southeast Asian girls all you need to do is be a foreigner, be nice, and be available.

Of course that isn’t enough to hook up with all of them, but it will get you plenty enough. Somewhere like Russia the girls will want you to be a strong, masculine, take charge type of guy.

A completely different type of game is needed in both places. In one you just be friendly, crack corny jokes, and use lots of emoji’s. In the other you need to be a manly man.

Then of course there are things to deal with like language barriers that can make things more difficult. The main thing that will catch their eye first is your pictures so choose them wisely.

All girls will have different tastes, if you have a sexy body then a shirtless pic showing that off is not a bad idea at all. It might turn off some girls, but they are the ‘good girls’ that would take a long time to hook up with anyways, time you don’t have.

Try to show that you are a fun guy to be around in your pics. Be smiling, maybe have one group pic, a pic from a concert or some cool place you visited when traveling.

You can also link your Instagram to your account to show even more, but the pictures on Tinder are the most important, particularly the first one. If you don’t nail that one it will really hold you back.

For the profile keep it short and sweet. Say a little about yourself and try to think up some joke to throw in that might get them to smile when they read it.

Plan Well To Get Laid Quickly

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Since you only have a short amount of time you really need to plan things well to get laid. By that we mean get a nice condo off AirBnb in a good part of town.

If you stay in a hotel lots of girls will not want to go back to your place. Hotels have a bad stigma in their minds, condos don’t. This isn’t a deal breaker but it is just another thing that might hold you back.

It is also good for meeting girls in other ways. Try to get a spot in the trendy nightlife area of town so if you meet a girl at a club you can easily bring her back. Or you can invite your Tinder date to that club and have a place nearby if she wants sex.

When it comes to messaging you really need to move fast. This will turn many girls off but you don’t have time for them anyways.

Try to move the chat over to Whatsapp or any other app as quickly as you can. Then tell them you are going out to some cool place that night and see if they want to join.

For some this may be too fast, but if you ask enough you might find a bored one who is down. Throw in a free meal and your chances are even better.

The key is to swipe and match as many as possible and then invite as many as you can. Don’t talk about sex and be creepy, you just met her and that will almost never work.

Be a gentleman and invite her out for a nice night on the town. Then have a centrally located condo to bang at near the area where you take her out.

Banging Tinder girls on the first date when traveling is easier in some spots than others. Generally speaking the girls on Adult Friend Finder are going to be down to hook up much quicker, it is why they chose that site in the first place.

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