Tips On Getting Girls Back To Your Apartment

How to get girls back to your apartment

You just had a really great date and now are trying to get the girl back to your apartment. How do you proceed from here?

Lets assume that you haven’t been making out and finger banging her on the dance floor at a club quite yet. You think things are going well, you think she might want to come with you, but the deal hasn’t been closed already.

The key now is to invite her over for any non sexual activity. 90% of girls aren’t so dumb that they won’t realize what your true intentions are.

If you ask a girl to come back to your apartment and she says yes then she is probably DTF, or at least fool around a bit. If she says no then you will need to hope next time goes better.

Location Is Always Key

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One of the most common types of ‘dating’ advice you see around the internet is to have a good centrally located apartment. Whether you are in your home town or traveling this is as key as anything.

Try to get a place as close to the best nightlife in the city as possible, though that can be expensive in some towns. When traveling you want to look for a condo off AirBnb near the nightlife spots and not a hotel.

Hotels have a bad stigma to them that will make some girls feel like sluts. Hanging out at someones home is a common every day thing and sex isn’t implied.

Going to a strangers hotel room where all there is inside is a bed doesn’t leave much to the imagination. For some confident (or horny) girls this distinction won’t make a bit of difference.

For girls who are in the mental ‘should I or shouldn’t I’ tug of war it can be a deal breaker. Just as you having some place out in the sticks an hour away might also.

Be close to the action so you can use one of these ‘random’ reasons to get a girl back to your place.

Reasons To Go To Your Apartment

Reasons for girls to come hook up your apartment

Remember the main thing you are going for here is any non sexual reason for the two of you to go up to your place. She needs to not feel like a slut and for the sex to ‘just happen.’

The classic reason is to watch a movie. You have been out on a date for awhile, you don’t feel like hitting up another bar, lets go watch a movie. It is a classic for a reason, it works very well.

But it shouldn’t be the only tool in your arsenal. For best results you need to listen to what the girl is saying during the date and find some common ground between you.

Maybe she mentions a type of movie and you say you loved it also and mention another similar one. Now if she hasn’t seen the new one you have a great excuse.

The same thing can be done with music, you both like house music and you just heard of some new band. Or maybe you even play the guitar and want to play for her.

Video games can work also. 20 years ago you never would have wanted to try that one, these days plenty of girls play them so it should be fine.

Have some really good ice cream at your place on a hot summer day and since your apartment is walking distance away why don’t you both go have some. Or bring up how you love to bake and see if she wants to help you make a dessert.

You have a really cool dog or cat that she needs to meet, or you apartment has a kick ass view of the city that she must check out. You can say you are an entrepreneur in the middle of a ‘big deal’ and need to stop by to check your email real quick.

Sure, you could check it on your phone but if you did receive that ‘very important email’ you need to send them a file. Or your phone needs to be charged, or you forgot your wallet.

A simple one is ‘do you like wine?’ and when they say yes tell her you just got a new bottle you are dying to try so you should go drink it now. Or some new type of mixed drink you just heard about.

The weather is too hot lets go chill in the AC, or too cold you want to get under a blanket. Or be creative and listen to what she says on the date. Have a real reason why she could come based on something she mentioned while you chatted.

Don’t Bring Up Sex

Notice that none of those had anything to do with sex. Girls know you want to bang them, they also want to know you aren’t a creep that only cares about sex.

If you are on a date and try to ‘seduce them’ with your magic offerings of a bed to make love in just around the corner you are going to ruin it a high percentage of the time. Get a centrally located place, don’t be a creep, and find any reason to get her back to your place.

Of course this can be easier in some places than others, and the best dating site to meet easy girls for casual sex is definitely Adult Friend Finder. Good luck when using these tips on getting girls back to your apartment.

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