Finding Girls For Sex in the Oslo Nightlife


The nightlife here is not great, but there are enough things to do here that you shouldn’t be bored. They outlawed prostitution in 2009, but finding girls for sex in Oslo won’t be too hard.

There are not going to be any red light districts or flat out brothels here, though some will tell you that the strip clubs can be a brothel for the right price. There are also sexy massage parlors around where getting a happy ending is very easy.

Remember that Norway is one of the most expensive countries in the world to live in, so the price for sex is going to be very high. You might be able to find some cheap hookers on the street, but for any quality expect to pay a lot.

There are some good nightclubs around town. If you want to try and pick up some non pros then head to nightclubs like:

  • Magic Ice
  • Schouskjelleren
  • Summit 21
  • Heidis Bier Bar

Lets get to the hookers though.

Finding Hookers in Oslo


Many of the hookers you will meet on the streets are going to be Eastern European and there are some Africans around as well. They know this is a wealthy country and want to earn as much as possible.

There used to be a lot of street hookers in Oslo but that isn’t the case since 2009. Now you can still find some around the Karl Johans Gate, but nowhere near as many as before.

There might be some near railway stations like Tollbugaten or other popular spots. Remember that this is illegal and the police try to keep the girls off the streets.

You can also try to find hookers in the nice nightclubs, or at expensive hotels. While there isn’t one main tourist district here if you put yourself around the touristy areas at night you will see some hookers.

Meeting Hookers in Oslo Online

Meeting prostitutes online in Oslo is probably the best way to do it these days. Ever since they outlawed prostitution they have been doing frequent sweeps on the streets to keep the pros off.

Now many hookers in Oslo are using apps like Tinder, Badoo, or other forms of social media to try and meet customers. Hop on Tinder and start swiping right, if a girls profile looks like it is marketing her body for a sale then it probably is.

You can find some really hot hookers in Oslo online, but they are going to come at a hefty price. Expect the online girls to want at least 2000 kroner, and the hottest ones will ask for more. is probably the best online escort site currently.

Erotic Sex Massage Parlors in Oslo


There are lots of sexy massage parlors in Oslo. Not every massage parlor will give you a happy ending, but many will.

Some massage parlors here will start to feel heat from law enforcement and stop giving extras. They may also think you are a cop and not offer you a happy ending even if the guy before you got one.

A taxi driver will be a good way to find one that is currently giving extra services. Expect to pay between 300 kroner and 500 kroner for a handjob, and 1000+ for a sex massage.

A couple of sexy massage parlors in Oslo with Asian girls are TukTuk on Dronningensg 24 and Bangkok Thai Spa on Mollergata 46.

Best Strip Clubs in Oslo


If you are looking to find girls for sex in Oslo then the strip clubs are one of your best options. Just like at the erotic massage parlors you can’t always have sex here, every stripper is not a whore.

On the other hand only you and the girl will know what goes on in the VIP room. Be careful that you don’t get too drunk while you are there, you should probably read our tips on not getting ripped off in a strip club before you go.

Some of the best strip clubs in the Oslo nightlife are:

  • Blaze Go Go
  • String Showbar
  • Lotus Showbar
  • Night Life Bar

If you wanted to try to meet girls that aren’t hookers use Adult Friend Finder. There are over 100 active female users on the site in this city and many more around Norway.

The best way to meet freaky girls in Oslo online is Adult Friend Finder.


Good Luck Finding Sex in the Oslo Nightlife

The Oslo nightlife is not legendary like Amsterdam or Bangkok but there is plenty to see and do. The strip clubs have some very sexy women from all around the world who want to get that strong Norway kroner.

You can pick up street prostitutes, get a sexy massage, or try to meet hookers online. Finding girls for sex in Oslo can easily be done. A trip to Germany will give you far better options, this eBook guide breaks down all of the awesome nightlife available there.


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