Where To Meet And Date Single Girls In Sarajevo

This post will help you figure out where to meet and date single girls in Sarajevo. This is a city that hasn’t got many tourists through the years for various reasons.

The country had a lot of turmoil and corruption that has held it back in many ways. It is not an easy place to get to, flights are expensive and few roads lead in.

This makes many guys traveling through Europe choose other cities to visit instead. That means they are not very used to seeing foreigners which is always a good thing.

However the English levels are pretty low here and the girls are quite conservative. They are very friendly as far as having a chat or maybe giving out a number, but sex with Sarajevo girls does not generally come easy.

If your goal is to come into town, have a lot of one night stands and go on your way this may not be a good option. If you wanted to spend some time living in a cheap city and making real connections then that is a different story.

Meeting Sarajevo Girls During The Day

The language barrier is going to make this pretty hard. Sarajevo girls are better at English now then they were 5 years ago thanks to Facebook and the internet, but they still aren’t great.

When you approach here you should go in with the expectation that they are going to be at a beginners level with English at best. Day game fully revolves around conversation so you are going to need some luck.

You should try to locate yourself in the city center. That is true of most cities, but pretty much all the action here is downtown. Try to get a condo off AirBnb somewhere between Alta Shopping Mall and the end of old town.

This will put you in the prime area of the city, and it still should be pretty cheap. It is always better to rent a hotel then a condo because girls feel like sluts going to a guys condo.

The best malls for day game will be Alta Shopping, BBI Center, and Sarajevo City Center. There is also a huge cafe and smoking culture, so shisha bars are another great place to visit.

If you locate yourself in the area of town we recommend there will be cafes or shisha bars on every street. If you see a pretty girl sitting by herself as you walk by then go for it, or if you meet a girl they are good day date spots.

Meeting Girls In Sarajevo Nightlife

One thing you may notice here is that the nightlife is really social circle oriented. People sit at groups of tables with their friends and there is little intermingling going on between groups.

In a way that is good, if you see a table of Sarajevo girls and approach some may think it is cool you have the balls to do it. Others will be shocked and might be put off.

If you live there try to work your way into a social circle and it should pay off well. If you are just on a short trip then approach as much as you can and hope for the best.

Some good bars in the area we recommend are:

When the weather is nice the downtown streets will be loaded with people out having a good time so don’t limit yourself to the bars we suggest.

There are plenty of good date spots in the downtown area as well. A casual coffee or shisha date will be a great way to get one out of the way, then the next night go for dinner and drinks.

If you wanted to try to pay for sex in Sarajevo the best place to go is erotic massage parlors. A couple spas downtown that sometimes give happy endings are Cotton Club and Sundora.

Another way to find sex in Sarajevo is to ask a taxi driver if he knows of any brothels, girls, or massage. Overall there is very little pay for play sex in this city, you would be better off saving your money for a German FKK.

If you wanted to try to meet girls online give International Cupid a shot. You will find some girls not only here but all throughout the world as well. Girls not yet spoiled by western feminism.


Good Luck On Your Dates In Sarajevo

If all you want to do is hop into town for quick sex then you probably made a bad choice. The girls are pretty conservative and the hooker scene isn’t much to speak of.

If you spend some time here and build up contacts both things may change. You will break into social circles and find yourself in prime position with some pretty and quality girls.

You may also find that there is more pay for play sex in Sarajevo then most know about. There is a high unemployment rate here, there are probably quite a few semi pros that only do it when they need money.

If you wanted to read about easier places to get laid check out this eBook. Good luck meeting and dating girls in Sarajevo!


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