Meeting And Dating Single Girls In Cali, Colombia


So many guys are traveling to Colombia, and of course one of the reasons why is all the sexy Latinas here. Meeting and dating single girls in Cali can be very well worth it indeed.

Any time that you are trying to meet and date girls you need to make sure you choose a hotel or apartment in the right area of town. You want to locate your home base in the spot where you are going to try and pick up the most girls.

If you want to meet Cali girls that area will be La Sexta, sometimes referred to as Avenida 6 or 6th Avenue. Any of those three will get the point across, and depending on what site you are reading you might see it called any of the three.

This is definitely the main nightlife area in town. You can find so many restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and places to salsa dance that you don’t really have much need to ever leave.

There will be many hookers on La Sexta, but there will also be a lot of non pros as well. This is one of those spots where you never can really be sure what a girls intentions are when you are hitting on her. If you wanted to read more about where to pay for sex in Cali click that link.

Another important note is you should never leave your drink unattended here. This is a place where you really need to be careful about getting drugged and robbed.

In this post we will start off with where you can try to meet Colombian singles during the day, then where to meet or take single girls for dates in the Cali nightlife, and finish with the best online dating site in Colombia.

This is a very easy place to visit and try to meet single girls because there is so much nightlife in La Sexta you really don’t need to leave.

Meeting Single Girls In Cali During The Day


During the day in La Sexta you can try to roam around the streets and see if you notice any single girls in the cafes or getting some food. This is a much better spot for nightlife, but its not terrible during the day either.

A better spot for daygame will be at the malls. For how big of a city this is there aren’t as many nice malls as you might expect, but there are enough.

Girls are always more comfortable getting approached in a mall then they are on the street, and Colombian girls are pretty easy to approach and hand out their number like candy.

Getting a girls number here doesn’t mean much of anything. They have a reputation for being some of the flakiest girls on the planet, this isn’t the type of place where you get 1 number and think you are in.

If you get one build on it and go get 3 more. Then get 3 more, and then maybe you will have a date some night this week.

Back to the malls, Chipichape is definitely one of the best for day game. It is huge and will be swimming in sexy Latina girls daily. A few more options will be Jardin Plaza, Unicentro or Palmetto Plaza.

La Loma de la Cruz is a nice little outdoor park/shopping area as well. It can be a decent spot for day game, or a good spot to take a date during the day.

Single Girls In The Cali Nightlife


La Sexta. Avenida 6. 6th Avenue. However you want to refer to it this is definitely the place to be. It is (relatively) safe, has loads of sexy single Colombian girls, and everything you are looking for.

There will be hookers if you can’t pull a non pro, gringo hunters who are slutty girls that just want some white dick, and single girls from all over the city coming here to party. This is the epicenter of the Cali nightlife, and that is why you need to book your hotel off Agoda or apartment off AirBnb near here.

If you get a date with a girl this is likely where you will go for dinner or drinks. If you want to pick up girls from a disco this will be where you will likely do it.

There are so many places to choose from and each can be great. Take a look around and notice where the most single Colombian girls are on La Sexta and go join them.

If you want to have the most success you can have you should be able to speak Spanish and salsa dance. Knowing 1 will be enough will be enough with most girls, or even making an attempt at either can help.

Girls here love to salsa, even if you think you look like a fool (and probably do) she will appreciate your effort. If you want to go to some late night discos outside of the touristy area head to Menga where there are quite a few.

La Sexta should have more than enough options for you though.

Meeting Colombian Singles Online In Cali


While you can meet girls from all over the city in La Sexta or at the malls that will take time and effort. It will also be a slow process, you can only approach so many girls in a day right?

Well on Colombian dating sites like Colombian Cupid you can message hundreds of single girls in Cali in an hour. Sign up for free, check out the selection of single girls, and see if you want to go ahead and register.

If you do then start messaging, if not it didn’t cost you anything to take a look. Once you meet a girl off Colombian Cupid just invite her to La Sexta for dinner and drinks.

Have a nice meal, maybe make an attempt at salsa dancing, and then invite her back to your place. One thing to note is that Colombian girls are used to going to hotels to bang, there are ‘love motels’ all over this country.

That is because most single girls (and guys) here live with their parents until they are married. So when they hook up with anyone it ends at a love motel.

In some cities inviting a girl back to your hotel will not be very effective, in Cali the girl won’t think anything of it.


Have Fun Meeting Single Girls In Cali

There are so many sexy Colombian girls in Cali and all you need to do is put yourself out in La Sexta or meet them in other ways. The nightlife is great and they really love to party.

Even if you can’t salsa just give it a shot. They will like that you don’t take yourself too seriously and may want to reward you for it later.

If you aren’t a fan of picking up in bars try day game at the malls or meeting single girls online on Colombian Cupid. There are many options when it comes to meeting and dating single girls in Cali, most of them come back to La Sexta. This eBook has more on how to get the most out of the great Colombia nightlife.


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