Picking Up Girls In Gambia

Pick up girls in Gambia for casual sex and dating

Welcome to this post about picking up girls in Gambia for casual sex. This is a small country just south of Senegal with a population of a couple million.

It does get a decent amount of tourists because there are nice beaches and many people speak English. Most people who visit will fly into Dakar and then take a flight from there to Banjul which is the capitol.

The capital doesn’t really have much to offer, if you want nice beaches then head to Serekunda. But this post really isn’t about touristy stuff, instead it is about finding girls for sex in Gambia which means you want to stay in Senegambia.

Things here are similar to other spots around Africa and many poorer countries in the world, the nightlife is loaded with freelance prostitutes so always keep that in mind when trying to get laid for free.

This is a poor country so that is just the way it is. After we cover the nightlife we will mention the best online dating site in Africa as well.

Picking Up Girls For Casual Sex

Nightclubs and bars to meet Gambia girls for sex

This is a pretty conservative country so things are going to be pretty discreet. Most of the girls out in the nightlife are going to be hookers.

You can approach girls on the street during the day in the touristy area and they might be up for a chat. Overall people are pretty friendly here and speak good English.

But the line between pro and non pro can be pretty blurry here, if you get quick sex from a Gambian girl don’t be surprised if she wants some money. If you wanted to try to meet girls before you arrive in town use Afro Introductions.

It is the top online dating site in Africa and part of the Cupid Media network. They have sites all over the world and do a great job of weeding out fake profiles and scammers.

Just be sure to not send any money to any girl before you meet her and you won’t have much to worry about. Message lots of girls before you come and try to get as many contacts as you can.

Since this country has such a small population there may not be all that many girls on Afro Introductions so check out the selection for free before you sign up. Good luck finding girls for sex in Gambia.

Best dating site in Gambia to meet girls for sex online

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