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If you are wondering where to find Indonesian ladyboys in Bali this post has the info that you need. You picked the right city that is for sure, they can be pretty hard to spot in other places around the country.

If you want to find Indonesian ladyboys then Bali is definitely the place to go. If you aren’t aware the local term for them is ‘waria’ so always be on the lookout for that.

This country isn’t like trying to find ladyboys in Bangkok where they are all over. Things are much more discreet here.

If you wanted to find waria in Jakarta it will be harder, this city not so much. There are some known trans pick up bars and nightclubs that they frequent in Kuta, plus they are easy to find online as well.

First we will cover where to find ladyboys in Bali’s nightlife, then cover the best dating sites, and include tips on finding them in Jakarta or other cities around the country as well.

Indonesian Ladyboys In Bali’s Nightlife

Remember that this isn’t one of the easier places to meet trans in Asia, you can meet some Indonesian ladyboys in Bali’s nightlife but it is not on the same level. However you will see a whole lot more out in the nightlife here than you will in any other city in the country.

There are three main trans pick bars and clubs that you can go to which are:

Those will be the spots where the waria’s hang out the most, but you can also find some scattered in other places in the Kuta nightlife where guys go to find sex in Bali. Just keep your eyes open and you should see more around.

Some but not all of the Bali ladyboys will be prostitutes, if so you might have to pay them for their time. The price shouldn’t be too high, maybe in the 200k-500k rupiah range which is around $15-$40.

You may also be able to find some on the beach during the day. Really though if you want to meet them in person and not find waria online then the Kuta Bali nightlife is the main spot.

Meeting Indonesian Waria Online

If you want to meet Indonesian ladyboys online in Bali, Jakarta, or anywhere else there are two main dating sites that you can use. The first of which is a transsexual only site called MyLadyboyDate.

If you are a fan of the trans community then you should be on this site. You can meet shemales from all over the world, and there are quite a few Indonesian ladyboys on MyLadyboyDate.

The second site you could try is Indonesian Cupid. This is the best dating site in the country but it isn’t specifically for ladyboys. Remember to always be on the lookout for ‘waria’ in profiles so you know who to target.

If you use both of those sites you will have so many to meet up with. Just plan your dates accordingly and hope for the best.

You can invite them to the beach during the day or out for dinner and drinks at night. Or if you are a little unsure about being seen in public with them just see if they will have the first date back at your place.

Remember that often times Indonesian waria will be prostitutes, particularly in Bali, so you may want to ask money before you meet. That can make for some awkward moments later on when you think you are getting it for free and then they ask for some rupiah.

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Meeting Indonesian Ladyboys In Other Cities

Online dating is really the only way to meet Indonesian ladyboys, even Jakarta’s nightlife won’t have many. They are not as well received in this country by the locals as the Thai ones are so you won’t see many around.

Generally you can head to the main ‘sexpat areas’ and find lots of them hanging around. But it is different when mongeringĀ in Jakarta, there aren’t that many places to go and there is no main red light district.

The sex clubs aren’t going to allow them inside and they aren’t all concentrated in the same place so no reason for them to hang around outside. And Blok M isn’t very crowded so you don’t see many ladyboys there.

Just use MyLadyboyDate and Indonesian Cupid and you will have more than enough options for your trip. This eBook guide can tell you better spots to find ladyboys in Southeast Asia.

Hopefully this post on where to find Indonesian ladyboys in Bali was helpful to you.

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