Meeting, Dating, & Hooking Up With Thai Ladyboys

Tips for meeting and dating Thailand ladyboys hook up

Thanks for checking out these tips on meeting, dating, and hooking up with Thai ladyboys. If you were hoping to read about exact logistics of where to find ts we will link you to that later.

Instead this is a post for how to meet and date Thai ladyboys. How to interact with them, spend time with them, the trans dating culture, and get them into bed.

If you aren’t aware shemales, transsexuals and t-girls all are the same thing as what you are after. You are in the right place if you were searching for any of them.

This is one of the absolute best places in the world to go if you were hoping to find them. There are lots of shemales in Brazil as well, but this is probably the best place to go.

This post will begin by giving tips on how to talk to ts and the types of things you should say or message to them. Overall it is pretty easy and straight forward, but some guys may have never been in a room with one before and could be very nervous when trying to hook up.

After that there will be some tips on the types of places you can often find them, and also mention the best dating site in the world to meet them so you can start chatting with them now if you want.

Meeting Ladyboys In Thailand

We are going to assume that you have never met, messaged, or spoken to a Thai ladyboy before. Well, if that is the case then lets start with the absolute basics.

Be nice, be friendly, and keep the mood light. That is the key when trying to hook up with girls in Southeast Asia, and it is no different with trans either.

In fact that is exactly how you should treat them, as if they were girls. That is what shemales want to be after all right? Treating people how they want to be treated is one of the golden rules for a reason.

In Asia there is a huge ‘saving face’ culture, you never want to say anything that might offend someone. You laugh with people, you don’t laugh at people.

When guys hang out with their friends they like to ‘break balls’ and rag on each other. Don’t do that in Asia, it will not be positively received.

A silly joke that is clearly not meaning any harm can often be fine. But don’t say things that could be misconstrued, and always smile or even laugh at your own joke after you said it.

Just always try to keep a really light mood. Crack jokes, smile, laugh, when you text with them say lol and put smileys.

The real key to trans dating culture is to smile, be friendly, and treat them with respect. Hooking up may all sound extremely easy, and it is, and it is the reason why so many guys love living in Southeast Asia.

Pro tip: download the Line App before you come here, everyone in this country uses it.

Thai Ladyboy Dating Culture

By dating we mean meeting with the intention to hook up with Thai ladyboys. Well, there are multiple ways to go about this.

The first way is to invite ts out like you would a girl. Invite them out for dinner and then plan some other entertainment, be it a movie or dancing or drinks or whatever.

They will almost assuredly say yes, they will probably love nothing more in the world than to walk around town with a guy on their arm. That is because most guys they meet won’t be open to going out in public with them.

If that sounds like you then try to invite them over to your hotel or apartment. Mention that you have never met a hot ts before and are feeling really nervous, say that you will be shy going out and aren’t comfortable with it so soon.

9 times out of 10 they will have no problem with it. Since they are as horny as you are having sex with them from that point is going to be extremely easy.

Always remember there are lots of prostitutes around this country, lets get into how to deal with them now.

Many Thai Ladyboys Are Whores

Many of the Thai ladyboys are whores so if you meet one anywhere you might want to gently ask if they are a hooker or not. Something to the effect of ‘the last two trans I chatted with asked me to pay them, if we meet do you want me to pay you?’

If they they are not hookers then most of the time ts will understand and tell you no. If they are prostitutes they will either say yes or pretend they don’t and yell at you to not lose face. Either way you found your answer.

We have already written about where to find ts in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, and Chiang Mai so check out those links if you want tips on finding trans in those cities. Most of the time if you meet them on the street they are going to be a hooker, but not always.

Hook Up With Ladyboys In Thailand Online

The best way to hook up with Thai ladyboys that aren’t hookers is on dating sites. 90% of the time if you see one in public they are at a known sexpat nightlife area and are hookers.

But there are many other trans in this country that don’t want money, they just don’t go out to the same places we do. They are going to be very hard to find in public, but they are extremely active on dating sites like ThaiFriendly.

Where as most girls will wait for you to send the first message they will often be more aggressive. Just sign up for free and set your location to Thailand and some will message you.

Or you can just look through the available profiles and you will notice them in no time. There will be many girls on Thai Friendly, but plenty of trans around to hook up with as well.

Meet date and hook up with Thai ladyboys online

You can also use the best transgender dating site in the world called MyLadyboyDate. It is a great ts dating site with no girls at all.

You can chat with trans from anywhere in the world, and of course there are many from Thailand on the site. If you are curious about the transgender community you definitely should sign up to MyLadyboyDate for free and see what it has to offer.

Best trans dating site in the world for hook ups Thai ts

This will allow you to meet good ts that aren’t only after your money, and aren’t taking random dicks every night. They may want a husband, a boyfriend, or just a quick fling and dating. You won’t know until you try.

Hopefully these tips on meeting, dating, and hooking up with Thai ladyboys will help you find what you are after.