Finding Ladyboys in Istanbul, Turkey


Istanbul is a great city for nightlife, it always has a buzz about it and is probably a lot more fun than you would expect out of a city in the Middle East. Finding ladyboys in Istanbul is also a lot easier than you might expect.

If you want to read more on the Istanbul nightlife you can click here, but this post is all about the ladyboys. You can find ladyboys prostitutes in many ways in Istanbul, you can also meet ladyboys in Istanbul online on ladyboy dating sites that aren’t hookers.

There are some bars around town that have transsexuals working with other girls, and some tgirl only bars as well. The Istanbul nightlife has so much to offer, so lets start with the best way to find ladyboy hookers.

Transsexual Bars in Istanbul

There are quite a few places that you can go to find transsexual bars in Istanbul. They are similar to Southeast Asian girly bars where you can buy the ladyboys drinks so that they will spend time with you, generally the ‘ladies drinks’ are double the price of a normal drink.

The tgirls are free to leave with you at any time, make sure you negotiate the price and how long you want them to stay before you leave the bar.

The majority of the ladyboy bars in Istanbul are all located in the main nightlife district around Taksim Square. Here you will find such ladyboy bars are No Name Club, Bahriyeli Pub, and 17 Club.

Sahra Bar might be the best ladyboy bar in Istanbul. Many think of it as a gay bar, but there are lots of transsexuals there as well.

There might be some others down by the port area in Karakoy but this will be a tougher place for a tourist to navigate. You will be much better sticking to Taksim, there will be lots of ladyboy freelance prostitutes walking the streets in this area.

Finding Ladyboy Hookers Online in Istanbul

Many expats in Istanbul would tell you that the best way to find ladyboy hookers is online. There will be many on dating apps such as Tinder, or a ladyboy dating site which we will get to soon.

Or you can just Google ‘ladyboy escorts Istanbul’ and many will pop up. This is a great way to meet ladyboy hookers discreetly without having to go out to the bars to do it.

Meeting hookers online is becoming more popular all over the globe. It is the same in Istanbul and even more so for transsexual hookers.


A Ladyboy Dating Site in Istanbul

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Lots of ladyboys from Southeast Asia will take frequent trips to Istanbul so you never know how many will be active on the site at any time. The good thing is you can register for free and look around.

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Good Luck Finding Ladyboys in Istanbul

If you head to the ladyboy bars here and put yourself out in the Istanbul nightlife around Taksim Square you will surely have options. Plus you can meet ladyboy hookers online or good ladyboys on the ladyboy dating site

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