Where To Meet Girls For Sex In Chongqing, China


China has a ton of major cities that you may have never heard of, and here is another one! This guide will help you when trying to figure out where to meet girls for sex in Chongqing.

We are going to combine both prostitutes and non pro single girls in Chongqing in to one post. Why? Because there is not a huge prostitution scene in this city.

So we will just quickly brush past the few tips we can give before moving on to the best places for foreign men to meet single girls in Chongqing. Of course knowing Chinese will be helpful because most girls don’t speak English well at all.

That said there really are not many foreign men here so you will have a big time exotic factor. How easily it will be to capitalize off it will be up to you.

You definitely want to download WeChat before you come here, or to anywhere in China. That is the main app everyone uses to communicate, and if you use the find people nearby option you might make some new contacts.

Alright, lets give some lame tips on how you can hopefully find prostitutes in Chongqing for sex before we get around to picking up single girls. The best Chinese dating site will be the key to that.

Chongqing Sex Guide


Sadly there is not going to be a lot of meat in this section, just some general ‘try this type of place’ out. That is because there is not a lot of pay for play sex in Chongqing.

Or at least not that is publicized, and if stuff does get publicized it gets shut down quick. There are lots of massage parlors and saunas around town, and those are the best place to look.

You are going to need to put in some leg work to find these places, and will probably get shot down in some. Getting a full on sex massage will be hard, but finding a handjob happy ending or blowjob will be easier.

Look for massage parlors with red or pink lights by the door. Maybe even salons with the same. Other good ways to try to find sex in Chongqing are at KTV’s where take out may be an option, but the girls will be very expensive.

You can also try to meet hookers online on WeChat or other dating apps. Remember that find people near you option where the online escorts and in room massage services will be prevalent.

Or try to find an expat or taxi driver and ask them where to find girls, sex, or massage in Chongqing. All around the world the guys who know the most about the sex trade will be taxi drivers.

Meeting Single Girls In Chongqing

Again if you don’t know the local language it can be hard for foreign men to meet Chinese girls. You will probably notice a lot of girls staring at you when you go out in public, but if you approach them they will tighten up quick.

Trying to meet girls in the day will be the hardest, you can head to malls like Metropolitan Plaza, Jiamao Shopping Mall, or Wanda Plaza but how well will it really work?

Odds are the sexy ladies will be too shy to reply and nothing will come of it. If you do happen to find a girl a good day date option would be to take her on a river cruise.

The nightlife will be a little easier because at least there is alcohol involved. Now she will be less nervous, plus you can just try to dance with her instead of chatting her up.

Some good nightlife options for pick up bars to meet single women are:

Plus there are lots of pick up bars along the riverside boulevard in the Nan’an district.

Meeting Women Online Seeking Foreign Men


When people learn foreign languages it is mostly done through paperwork. They read/write but don’t often practice speaking.

So that means they can actually know what many words mean, but aren’t at all comfortable trying to actually say them. If you walk up to a girl like that at the mall she is going to get flustered and blow you off.

But if you send a message on ChinaLoveCupid to a girl who knows some English you are going to have a much better shot. She is signing up to the site because she wants to meet new guys, and hopefully she is interested in foreign men.

Just remember to keep your messages short and sweet. Don’t use big words, and be very polite. Don’t try any ‘game’ techniques that might work on western women, just be a friendly guy.

One of the nice things is that these Chongqing girls will know that if they go out with you everyone will stare at them. That means they might be open to having the first date at your apartment or hotel so they don’t have to handle all the looks.

If that is your goal then be sure to book a room off AirBnb. It sounds a lot less creepy to invite a girl to your home instead of to your hotel room.

No matter if you are looking for a quick hook up or to meet a good woman in Chongqing ChinaLoveCupid will be the most efficient way.


Good Luck Finding Sex In Chongqing

There are not a lot of prostitution options here, at least not publicized ones. If you head to the massage parlors and saunas you will surely find some. Plus hookers are active on WeChat.

But the better way to meet girls in Chongqing is online dating sites like ChinaLoveCupid. It is the most popular in the country and should have the most available single girls.

Good luck finding girls for sex in Chongqing. If you are also going to be heading to check out the nightlife in Hong Kong or Macau this eBook guide can help improve your trip.


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