Finding Girls For Sex In Xi’an, China

It isn’t all that easy to find information about China because Google isn’t allowed there. This post on finding girls for sex in Xi’an will hopefully be helpful for single guys that are traveling there in the future.

We will break it down into three main parts. First we we will talk about the pay for play sex in Xi’an, and there are some decent options here even if it isn’t a thriving prostitution scene. More around than some other places in China that is for sure.

Then we will talk about the best places to go out to meet single Xi’an girls that aren’t hookers. You will have some high ‘foreigner value’ here definitely, but the language barrier will be an issue.

Then we will talk about the best online dating site in China. If you are going to be traveling around the country this will be the best resource you can have. It generally takes a few dates to score with Xi’an girls so having dates lined up before you hit town is imperative.

Like many cities you want to stay in the city center if possible. The South Gate has a lot of nightlife so wouldn’t be a bad option. Renting a room off AirBnb will make it a lot easier to get girls to agree to come to your room.

Lets start with the pay for play sex scene before we get to the other options.

Paying For Sex In Xi’an

Finding pay for play sex in Xi’an can be tricky if you don’t speak Chinese. It will be hard to read street signs, read signs on buildings, and some establishments may not want guys that can’t speak the local language in.

You may end up walking right past a place whose sign makes it clear that girls for sex are available and not even know it. However there are some tell tale signs like red or pink lights by the door that you should always be on the look out for.

There are many erotic sex massage spas in Xi’an on Gaoxing Road near the city center. This is definitely a spot where you should pound the pavement and have your eyes open.

You can find more sex massage parlors in areas like:

  • West Jx Street in Jixiang
  • Xing Qing Lu
  • Santa Lu
  • Hu Zhu Lu

You can also try out Caesers Palace Bathhouse on Zhuque St. Meeting prostitutes online in Xi’an is easy if you use WeChat. Just use the ‘people near you’ option and there should be plenty of prostitutes around.

Look for profiles that mention words like massage or escort.

Meeting Single Xi’an Girls

If you don’t like to pay for sex then you can try meeting single girls in Xi’an day game style or in the nightlife. It can be a bit awkward approaching a girl who may not speak any English, so just have a big smile on your face and be very friendly.

If you are lucky the girl will have passable English levels, if not she will be scared and try to hurry away from you. If that is the case just let her go and do not make a scene.

Street approaches are usually the riskiest because girls are going to be scared and timid of the ‘stranger on the street.’ You will likely have a lot more success inside malls where girls are going to feel more safe and secure.

There are plenty of nice malls here, this is a massive city after all. Good spots for meeting Xi’an girls during the day would be Kai Yuan Shopping Mall, Parksons, Century Ginway, and SAGA Shopping Mall.

If you want to meet single girls in the Xi’an nightlife there are some solid options as well. Since the music is blaring the fact that the two of you can’t talk to each other won’t be near as big of a deal.

Some popular bars to check out would be:

  • Salsa Club
  • Diwang Club
  • Vice Versa
  • Habana Club
  • Longdu
  • 1+1 Bar

There will be other options in the city center, try to find a cool bar near your place off AirBnb because the closer your apartment is the more likely she will be to say yes. You can find some really hot Asian girls in some of these clubs.

Meeting Girls Online In Xi’an

Online dating is always a more efficient option no matter where you are. You can message hundreds of girls in an hour, where as in a bar you can’t approach anywhere close to as many.

If you want to try to meet girls online in Xi’an the best dating site will be ChinaLoveCupid. You can start messaging girls before you even arrive so that you have dates lined up on your first day.

Chinese girls aren’t generally quick to hop into bed with a guy they just met. That means it will likely take a few dates, so you can’t waste any days with boots on the ground meeting girls.

Instead you need to have contacts made and meet Xi’an girls as quick as possible. It won’t be hard getting dates, but getting them to want to have sex with you quickly won’t be easy.

The more girls you contact the more likely you are to find some easy ones, and there is no way to contact Xi’an girls faster than ChinaLoveCupid. Plus you can use it in whatever city in China you are going to next.


Good Luck Finding Sex In Xi’an

While this definitely is not a great mongering destination there are easier to find pay for play options for sex in Xi’an then in many cities in this country. Just head to the areas mentioned above and keep your eyes open.

As far as dating goes just try to make contact with as many girls as possible and put in the effort. If you do that then things should work out well for you.

If you are looking for a better mongering scene nearby check out the great nightlife in Hong Kong and Macau. This eBook guide breaks down the scene in both places.

Good luck finding girls for sex in Xi’an.


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