Where To Meet And Date Single Girls In Lviv, Ukraine


Some times the best rewards can be found off the beaten path. When most guys go to Ukraine they hit up Kiev and maybe Odessa. This post will tell you where to meet and date single girls in Lviv.

This is a moderately sized city with close to 800,000 people. However it is a university town, so there are many sexy Lviv girls that are in that right age group of 18 to 25.

There are always positives and negatives to anywhere you go. One of the most important things when traveling to this region of the world is to try and head here during the summer. You also should try to learn some Russian to make things easier.

While some single girls in Lviv are studying English you are really going to be limiting yourself if you can’t speak the local language. While there are a lot of girls in that target demographic they don’t tend to give it up easily here.

It isn’t a great place to go out to party and pull on the first night. You need to take a girl on a few dates to score which is standard all around Ukraine. However the nightlife is going to be one of your best options.

We will get to that after the day game, though day game won’t be great here. Then we will talk about meeting single girls online in Lviv on Ukrainian dating sites which is another great option.

Meeting Single Girls Day Game Style


This is not going to be a great spot for day game for quite a few reasons. The first being the language barrier, chatting up a girl who doesn’t speak your language is never easy, and many girls will ignore you if they can’t reply.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try if you see a sexy girl out and about, just don’t expect huge success. Though some will give out numbers, but often times it is just not to be rude.

Malls are usually the best place for day game but there aren’t great malls for it here. King Cross Leopolis would probably be the best but it is nothing special. A couple others would be Shopping Center Roksolana and Skrynya.

You may just want to locate yourself near some of the bigger universities and hang out in nearby parks or cafes during the day. Uni girls will be passing through and you can try to chat them up there.

One popular cafe where single girls in Lviv love to hang out is Gloria Jeans. Overall day game options aren’t great and most of your approaches will be on the street where girls aren’t always comfortable.

Meeting Girls In The Lviv Nightlife


The nightlife in Lviv revolves much more around nightclubs than it does bars. There are some bars around, but for the most part Lviv girls are much more into clubbing.

That means expect the party to start late, adjust your life schedule accordingly. There are lots of good nightclubs around, one of the most ‘chic’ and upscale is Fashion Club.

The single girls that go here want to see and be seen. They will be dressed up super sexy and you will see some great eye candy here. There are plenty of other popular clubs to meet Lviv girls like:

  • Music Lab
  • Picasso
  • Chokolate
  • Split Klub Lwow

Don’t expect to pull drunk uni girls and bang them every night, that isn’t how things work in the Ukraine. You need to spend some time with them that first night and maybe even try to change venues with them or take a walk outside.

Casually mention how this felt like a ‘first date’ so maybe they tick 1 of the 3 required dates off the list and will be open to banging on what would really be your 2nd date. Sounds silly, but girls are silly.

As far as good places to go eat you could try some nice restaurants like Valentino and Amadeus or some more casual spots like Puzata Hata or Lviv Croissants. Or maybe tell the girl you are new in town and see if she has any suggestions.

If you wanted to read more about the hooker scene and paying for sex in Lviv check that link out.

Meeting Single Girls Online In Lviv

ukrainian-single-girls-lvivWe are breaking down 3 ways to try and make contacts here, daygame is the worst option by far. The nightclubs or meeting single girls online in Lviv will both work well though.

One of the advantages of online dating is that many of those girls you approach in the day that blow you off will be more receptive online. They are signing up for a Ukrainian dating site for a reason right?

That reason is cuz they want to meet guys, so you know they are going to be more receptive. Lviv girls are also likely to be better at reading/texting English than they are at speaking it.

So the thought of some native speaker trying to chat them up out of the blue on the street can be too much. But replying to a message online is much easier.

Just keep the messages short and sweet. Use small words, and don’t ramble on about stuff. Don’t try to use common western world Tinder tactics of inviting them over for some silly reason like ‘lets roast marshmallows while watching Happy Days’ or whatever random ish you might think up.

That will just confuse the hell out of them. Hi, how are you? I am new in town nice to meet you. Lets meet sometime for a coffee or dinner?

Keep it simple. Ukraine Date is the top online dating site in the country. You can check it out for free and check out the available single girls in Lviv and the other cities you will visit.

If you like what you see go ahead and register, if not it cost you nothing to check it out. Then just set up a quick coffee date for date 1, and hope you can get lucky and score on a dinner date the 2nd time out.

If not don’t give up, if she goes on a 3rd date you have a great shot. Another huge advantage of Ukraine Date is that you can start meeting single girls in Lviv before you even arrive to speed up the process.


Good Luck On Your Dates In Lviv

While the girls here don’t generally give it up on the first date they can be smoking hot and are worth the wait. Have a quick easy first date just to get it out of the way.

Maybe even set up a few first dates on the same day as your grunt work. Then on the future nights hope that the 2nd and 3rd dates pan out.

Hope this post on where to meet and date single girls in Lviv was helpful to you.  If you want to do any mongering in the nightlife in Russia check out this eBook guide.



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