Meeting and Dating Single Filipina Girls in Cebu City


When trying to meet and date single Filipina girls in Cebu City all you need to do is have boots on the ground and make an effort. As long as you aren’t a total creep you will be able to get lots of dates.

Most guys probably know it by now, but meeting and dating single Filipinas in Cebu City will be as easy as dating anywhere in the world could be. These are some of the friendliest, most approachable, and most curious girls on the planet.

They generally also speak English well enough that you can actually communicate with them on a date. That isn’t the way it will be in many parts of the world you might travel to.

Since the girls are so approachable you really can meet them just about anywhere. Any time you see a single girl around that you think is cute you can approach her in a polite way.

Generally they will be curious about the foreigner and open for a chat, clearly if they are not you shouldn’t press the issue. Some will be shy, some won’t speak English, but many will be happy to be your friend.

We have already called the Philippines the easiest place in the world for online dating, it could also be the day game capitol of the world as well. Picking up in the nightlife won’t be hard either.

Lets start with where to go for day game, then where you can go in the nightlife, and then end with meeting Filipinas in Cebu City online.  If you were looking to read about paying for sex in Cebu City check that link out.

Meet Single Girls Day Game Style


As long as you aren’t too aggressive when you approach a girl here and will back off if she shows resistance you really can go up to a single Filipina just about anywhere.

Clearly you don’t want to interrupt them when they are doing something important, but if you have an opening then go for it. Just smile, be friendly, and there is a good chance she will be friendly also.

‘Malling’ is one of the main things people do in the Philippines, so going to malls to meet Filipinas is a pretty obvious way to do day game. There are 3 main malls to meet girls in Cebu City:

All of them will be great for day game. Then you can also go down to the Colon area where you can find E Mall, plus lots of other big stores. There are many universities near Colon so the college girls will head to the mall after class.

Important note: don’t assume every girl in a college uniform is 18+. Make sure you always confirm a girls age, they can go to college at an early age in the Philippines.

Ayala Mall was known as a good freelance prostitute pick up spot for many years, but it isn’t as much of one anymore. If you head there at night and meet a girl in front of Bo’s Coffee, TGI Fridays or on the top floor terraces and it is too easy to get her into bed then she may very well expect to be paid.

The other malls aren’t really pick up spots. As far as where else to do day game there won’t be near as many girls in one area as there will be at those malls. However there are other smaller malls around town that you can try.

Good Places for a Date in Cebu City


These can also be good places to go for dinner and some drinks before you hit a night club. These can be good spots to bring a date, or they can be good spots to hope to find some single Filipinas.

You aren’t going to find a better place than the terraces of Ayala Mall to go for a dinner date. There are many restaurants here and it is a great spot for a date.

Girls really seem to love Gerry’s Grill, Casa Verde, and Gilligan’s, but there are lots of options around. There are 4 different floors and each of them has many restaurants, so you won’t have a problem finding a good meal.

This can be a good place to meet single girls in Cebu City, but the later it gets the more likely they are to be hookers. Filipinas don’t always tell you that they want money, if it feels like it is going to easy you may need to ask and confirm.

Other good places to go would be to IT Park which is a nice outdoor area not far from Ayala. There are quite a few restaurants here also.

Two other options would be Banilad Town Center (BTC) which has a nice German Restaurant, Mexican Restaurant, and a more expensive restaurant that will have live music most nights.

Or Crossroads which is pretty much across the street from IT Park. Crossroads is a small strip mall type area that has some restaurants and will also be the best place to get a drink before you go to a nightclub.

Best Nightclubs To Meet Girls in Cebu City


The main nightlife is going to be at Mango Square. There are many nightclubs here and it is where the majority of sexy Filipinas will go to party.

If you are familiar with the Cebu City sex scene you will know this is also the main freelance hooker pick up spot. There will be lots of freelancers sitting or standing around outside, and J-Ave will also be filled with hookers.

The rest of the nightclubs around will be mostly non pros, but in the Philippines you really never know. If you pick up a girl outside or in J-Ave you should probably pay her.

If from another club then you probably don’t need to unless she asks. The best club to meet non pros will be Holic.

Another good nightclub is LIV Superclub over in Mandaue. This is a relatively new club that is only a few years old, there are generally quite a few hookers here, but not as many as at J-Ave.

Lastly you can try out M02 which is kind of a club but more like a bar. There is a small dance floor inside with loud music, but also a nice large patio outside.

As far as picking up goes you are probably best off at the nightclubs in Mango Square, particularly Holic. If you want to take your date somewhere to party then Holic or M02 would be your best bets.

Meeting Single Filipinas Online

It has been written about many times on this site as well as tons of others, but online dating in the Philippines could not be any easier. So many single Filipinas are on dating sites, and so many of them like foreigners.

They are very friendly, they love chatting, and they are eager to meet as well. You can hop on Filipino Cupid and PinaLove, set up a profile for free, and put your location to Cebu City.

Do a search and check out all of the cute and sexy Filipina girls that are on the sites and then decide if you want to fully register or not. There is a good chance they will message you before you even finishing registering.

While day game and night game are also easy here, how many single Filipinas can you realistically message or approach in one day? 10? Maybe 15?

When online dating you can contact that many in a few minutes. You can meet more in an hour than you will meet in a month of day game.

There is no more efficient way to meet single girls then online dating.


Have Fun Meeting Sexy Filipinas

There are so many single Filipinas for you to date. Just put in a small amount of effort, be friendly, and the world really is your oyster.

We didn’t name this the easiest place for online dating in the world for no reason. The girls really do love to meet and hang out with foreigners, all you need to do is actually be there and you have it made.

Good luck meeting and dating single Filipinas in Cebu City. Or you may want to save your luck for something else, cuz you really won’t need it for this one. For more on the ‘naughtier’ nightlife in Cebu City  and all of the Philippines check out this eBook guide.

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