Finding Girls For Sex In Kobe, Japan

If you are looking to find girls for sex in Kobe, Japan this post can help you out a little bit. As far as pay for play sex in Kobe goes there really isn’t much at all to offer.

At least not if you are a foreigner, as many know this is not an easy place for foreigners to pay for sex. The word for westerners is ‘gaijin’ and many places aren’t ‘gaijin friendly.’

So while the local Japanese guys are having their fill gaijin get left with the scraps, if they get anything at all. Kobe is definitely not a good place to go for a mongering vacation, but we can tell you of a few places to try and visit.

The majority of this post will be about meeting single girls in Kobe that aren’t hookers. On a short vacation hookers are generally the easier and safer bet, but here that probably isn’t the case.

The pay for play sex scene is very weak, but there are lots of sexy Kobe girls that have an interest in foreigners. You need to try and make as many contacts as you can make and go on as many dates as you can.

If you put in the effort you will find a ‘gaijin hunter’ that really wants to try some gaijin dick. We will tell you about some good nightlife spots, good day game options, plus the best online dating site in Japan.

Plus we will give you a link to a site that has lots of info on the best places to go to meet those gaijin hunters. But for now lets get the pay for play sex in Kobe out of the pay.

Gaijin Friendly Sex In Kobe

This is going to be a short section because there really is not much gaijin friendly sex in Kobe on offer. Your best bet is to head to a few pink salons aka pinsaros.

If you don’t know what a pink salon is, they are similar to the blowjob bars in Bangkok. You go in, get a blowjob, pay and leave. Generally they are staffed by women that aren’t very attractive, and the gaijin friendly ones have even less attractive girls.

On the plus side at the pink salons in Kobe the girls will be very trained at their craft so you can expect a high quality blowjob every time. Two that are gaijin friendly are Cupid and Vivid. Another gaijin friendly option is Blue Moon but it has older ladies and is pretty expensive.

Remember that prostitution is legal in Japan as long as you are paying for a blowjob not sex. That means you should Google ‘escorts in Kobe’ or ‘health delivery service in Kobe’ and there will be many options. If you don’t know what health delivery service is check out that link.

Meeting Single Girls In Kobe

This is probably your best option, but the language barrier will be a real issue. We will mention some good day game options but if you can’t speak the language how are you going to go chat up girls at the mall?

You can click this to try and learn some Japanese, or you can try and meet girls in the nightlife and let your dance moves do the talking for you. That will be a bit easier then having a face to face chat trying day game.

If you do want to try some day game you can head to Kobe Sanda Premium Outlets, Mitsui Outlet Park, Harborland Umie, or Sun Center Plaza. Girls love to shop, so go where they will be.

For nightlife some good spots to meet single Kobe girls will be Sally’s, Cafe 45, Emerald, and Garage Paradise. But we have another link for you that has many great suggestions.

If you head to this link you will see where lots of cool nightlife in Kobe, Kyoto and Osaka is going down. The great thing about this is those ‘gaijin hunter’ girls will also be checking this, so you both end up at the same spots.

They will post all sorts of events or keep you updated on any new hot spots that open up. We could just copy all of their stuff but think its better to give them a shout out cuz they do some great work.

Meeting Kobe Girls On Japan Cupid

Since many of these girls will not be speaking English very well an easier way to meet them will be through online dating. When people learn a foreign language it is mostly paperwork at first, so they are going to be a lot more comfortable typing than they will with speaking.

Kobe girls probably won’t be too keen on a foreigner walking up to them in a crowded mall and putting them on the spot. It will be an overwhelming experience and they will want to get out of it quickly.

On the other hand if you send them a message online they will be able to take their time and reply. No eyes staring at them and judging them. No one knows about your little chat but you and them.

Japan Cupid is the best online dating site in Japan and is a great way to meet Kobe girls. Plus you can meet girls from other cities around the country when you travel.

You can sign up for free and check out the selection of single girls, if you like what you see go ahead and register. If you don’t it cost you nothing to check it out.

The more contacts you make the more likely you are to find girls that like gaijin.

Good Luck Finding Sex In Kobe

There isn’t much gaijin friendly pay for play sex in Kobe, but there are plenty of single girls here that like foreigners. Just be a kind person, smile a lot, and speak slowly.

If you do that then you will have a great chance to score. Dating Asian girls is much different than western girls, you don’t need to try and game them, nice guys can finish first here.

For more tips on taking a single guy’s trip to enjoy the Japan nightlife check out this eBook guide. Good luck finding girls for sex in Kobe.

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