Best Cities To Meet Girls In The Philippines

Not everyone has the same goals when thinking about this. For this post about best cities to meet girls in the Philippines we are going to break it down into a few different categories.

First we are going to talk about the best place to meet Filipina hookers. Why are we starting with hookers? Because we assume most guys reading this are probably not actually living there and if you are only in town for a short while hookers are your best bet.

Even if meeting Filipina girls is about as easy as it gets anywhere in the world on a vacation you probably shouldn’t be bothered. There are still many complications that come from it like them being very flaky.

If you go to the right city for hookers then the prices will be pretty cheap and you won’t have to deal with flakes, lies, or other common things girls in the Philippines do. Instead you pay to avoid the hassle.

After that we will talk about where to meet easy Filipina girls that will be down for casual sex with foreigners. Put in a bit of effort, much less than is needed in your home country, and you can score often.

Some guys just don’t like paying hookers. Others will want to make an attempt with non pros first and leave the hookers on the back burner if needed.

Finally we will talk about the best city to meet girls in the Philippines for a serious relationship or even find a Filipina wife. They definitely would make a great bride if you can find the right one.

As always there will be a lot of generalizing when comparing girls in different cities. We may tell you that one city is full of bar girls you shouldn’t trust, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a good wife there.

Or when we say another is a good place for casual sex that doesn’t mean every girl is a ho. Just keep that in mind as you read along.

Go To Angeles City For Hookers In The Philippines

If you are only on a short trip then finding sex in Angeles City is probably the easiest way to go. This is your standard hooker city in Southeast Asia similar to Pattaya in Thailand.

There is really nothing else to do there other than go to girly bars, drink, and bring sexy Filipina girls back to your room. But the Philippines is a country that really doesn’t have much touristy stuff to do anywhere outside of going to the beach.

So why is Angeles City the best city for hookers in the Philippines? It is cheaper, it is easier, and the girls generally have better attitudes.

The 2nd best spot for hookers would be Manila, but the prices are going to be twice as much at the girly bars. For freelancers you are going to pay 2x or 3x as much as well.

A barfine in Angeles City will run you around 2500-3000 pesos at most places. But that is all you pay, plus maybe a 500 tip to the girl.

In Manila you pay a 3k or 4k barfine, but all of that goes to the bar. The girl will then negotiate her payment on top which will be in the 3k or 4k range as well.

If the girls at Burgos Street were twice as hot it would be one thing, but you see pretty much the same quality in both places. There might be a handful of girls on Burgos a bit hotter than what you find in Angeles City, but they get snatched up quick and charge a premium.

Aside from the cost, logistically speaking Angeles City is just far more manageable. The traffic in Manila sucks and things are spread apart. Do you really want to spend your vacation in a taxi?

In Angeles City you can rent a hotel near Walking Street and have everything you need either walking distance or a couple dollar trike ride away. The whole point of going with hookers is to make it easy right? Well nowhere is easier than Angeles City.

Have Casual Sex In Cebu City Or Manila

Let us preface this with if your goal is to have casual sex/friends with benefits type relationships the longer you are in town the wiser this strategy is. If you are coming for a week, or even 2 weeks then the hooker route is probably your best option.

Why? You only have so many days here and need to maximize your time. You can’t waste it dealing with flaky Filipina girls who are infamous for playing games.

Even with girls in the Philippines who are more open to casual sex then just about anywhere it takes time to build it up to a good level. You need to meet lots of girls, be their friend, and make them comfortable with you.

You can also try picking them up at nightclubs but then you are likely to be dealing with hookers and may not realize it. If you are going to spend a significant amount of time there then forgetting about hookers and looking for casual hook ups is the best strategy.

Filipina girls are extremely approachable and friendly. If you see a pretty one don’t hesitate to say hello. But only a small percentage of these girls are going to be looking for casual sex knowing it isn’t going anywhere.

That means you need to make a lot of contacts, and the easiest way to do that is using Filipino dating sites like Filipino Cupid and PinaLove. You can message hundreds of girls in a day, that is more than you can meet in public in months.

We named the Philippines as one of the 3 easiest countries in the world to meet girls for sex online. Just remember there are some hookers on the sites to, so if you don’t like hookers you need to screen them out.

We would probably rank Cebu City ahead of Manila just because the traffic is not as much of a hassle and the cost of living is less. If you want to read a gameplan for meeting single girls in Cebu City or Manila check out those links.

Meet Your Filipina Wife In Davao City

You may be wondering why it is better to meet a friend with benefits in one spot and a wife in another? Let us clearly break down our thought process.

Girls in bigger cities grow up faster. They have more guys attempting to hook up with them, and many will break down sooner. This country has the highest teen pregnancy rate in Asia, so the girls are sexually active at a younger age.

Most guys would prefer to marry a good girl who hasn’t had a lot of partners right? Well, the girls in Manila and Cebu City that you are most likely to easily meet you and hop in your bed probably have done so with other guys as well, maybe often.

You absolutely could find a good innocent girl in Manila, or anywhere in the Philippines. You also may find one who tells you she is innocent after having a one night stand with a different guy she met on PinaLove the night before.

Davao City has the right mix of big population but provincial lifestyle. The girls are harder to get into bed, and the vast majority of them won’t give it up until they are in a serious relationship.

If you just want fun then this is a terrible option. If you want something serious it is probably the best. There are plenty of other 3rd tier cities with ‘good’ girls around, Davao City just happens to have the biggest population giving you the most options.

Other Cities To Meet Girls In The Philippines

We would definitely say those are the to three cities to meet girls in the Philippines but there are other spots you can go. There are many hookers selling sex at Philippines beach vacation destinations, in particular Puerto Galera and Boracay.

So if you want to combine a beach vacation with nightlife you can go there. Or you can go live in a tropical paradise like Palawan and hope to meet a local girl.

There are also a few towns that have lots of universities. Dumaguete could be a great place if you get in with the right Filipina girls social circles.

Baguio is in northern Luzon and is in a mountainous area. The temperature is quite a bit lower here than in the rest of the country if you want to escape the tropical heat.

There are quite a few universities there as well. Just remember that if you are trying to meet Dumaguete or Baguio girls they are likely to be more conservative.

Sure, with lots of uni girls around there will be some wanting fun. But in general the bigger cities are going to have more easy Filipina girls.

Good Luck Meeting The Right Filipina Girl

Whatever you are looking for you can find it here. Whether you want a hooker, a casual hook up, a girlfriend or a wife meeting girls in the Philippines is a great option.

They are very active on Filipino Cupid and PinaLove. They have a huge interest in foreigners so your ‘foreigner value’ may never be higher.

Remember there was a lot of generalizing here. There are many sweet girls in Angeles City who grew up in a province, didn’t go to school, but would make very loving wives.

However there are also lots of sharks there that will tell you they love you so that you start sending them support through Western Union. Then once a month they get all of their supporters from around the globe to send on the same day and throw a party.

On a vacation where you let your dick do the thinking it will be hard to figure out if you are talking to an innocent girl or a sweet one. This eBook on Filipina girls personalities can help you better understand how to deal with them while you are here.

Hopefully this post on the best cities to meet girls in the Philippines will help your trip go more smoothly.

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